Time to Implement a Sensible Healthcare Strategy

With the declining birthrate, healthier lifestyles, and life-prolonging medical discoveries, the percentage of older people in our society is set to increase astronomically. Currently about 32% of the population falls into the 50+ category; a number that is expected to increase by 33% over the next two decades, at which point the 50+ cohort will be the largest single age group. An aging population will bring about a tremendous demand for healthcare services, which will drive up the cost dramatically.

The situation gets even more complicated when one considers that an aging population means a reduced work force. Fewer workers will be contributing to social security funds to care for those no longer working. And, with improvements in healthcare, particularly in geriatrics, the demand for these services will skyrocket, resulting in a shortage of services and a dramatic increase in costs.

A new strategy is needed that anticipates this increase in demand and lays some solid groundwork to avert a disaster of major proportions.

Many experts advocate a Canadian-style government healthcare monopoly

The Importance of Healthcare in Our Life

In our day to day life, it’s our health that gets completely neglected, because we don’t have time for ourselves. We feel that we are healthy and taking proper healthcare measures, but at times this belief turns out to be an illusion. This happens, especially when our hectic lifestyle takes a toll on our health and we fall ill. Sometimes we get diagnosed with such diseases that make us wonder if that could actually happen to us. But then, illness comes unannounced, and this is why we should always be prepared for worst of all situations.

Taking proper healthcare measures is important and that is why it is advisable to take health insurance. Being covered with health insurance proves to be helpful when there is a need of any sort of medical assistance. Health insurance helps in saving a little amount for an individual’s unforeseen future illness. But, people don’t usually think like this when it comes to insurance.

One needs to understand that good health is the real wealth, and this is why it

How to Become a Peak Performer All Throughout the Day

Do you feel stressed out, unable to focus on chores at home or projects at work? Do you feel lethargic without energy? Fear not – you can easily turn that around. This article gives you several viewpoints so that you can actually transform yourself to be a peak performer all throughout the day tirelessly. Read on to find out.

Here they are:

  1. Get 7-8 hours of good night’s sleep

It depends from individual to individual. Some need less while others need more sleep. Go to bed early and wake up early. Go to sleep at the same time everyday so that it becomes a good habit.

  1. After waking up, drink a glass of water

Your body needs to be hydrated. Here I give you a special tip. Add a drop of honey to a glass of water and drink it all. This is considered very healthy.

  1. Go for a walk in the early morning

Do you like to jog or run? Or, do you hate them? Then simply walk a distance of about a mile and come back home in time to have breakfast.

  1. Have a good and healthy breakfast

You can have

Lung Transplants – Risks That You Should Be Aware Of

A lung transplant is achieved with a surgical procedure in which the failing lung of the patient is replaced with a healthy lung of a deceased donor. A lung transplant is usually the last resort after all other methods and procedures fail to make an improvement in the patient’s health. Depending on the patient’s condition one or both the lungs are replaced with healthier ones, in some cases, a heart transplant also takes place with the lung transplant. A variety of disease and conditions are capable of damaging your lung and when the lungs are damaged the oxygen supply is hindered which makes it very difficult to maintain a day to day routine of the person.

A lung transplant is not an easy treatment, it is not everyone and certain things about a patient are suggestive of the fact that he/she is not a good candidate for the transplant. Every patient is examined individually to make the transplant a success. Complications can arise in a lung transplant and it can be fatal for the patient, there are some risks associated with a lung transplant:

1. Rejection – This is one of the major risks in lung transplant.

Types of Mental Health Services

In the last few years we have gained awareness of the various needs that individuals with mental health issues need in order to achieve overall well-being. Many times, we talk about the importance of medication, individual counseling, family counseling, and, socialization.

Those are all of extreme importance when it comes to mental health but the one service that seems to be forgotten is care management. A lot of people attribute care management services to individuals who are aging or who have chronic medical conditions. Although, care management can be very helpful for those issues, we also see a huge need for intense care management for individuals who have a chronic mental illness and cannot get access to any services. It is not a secret that severe and persistent mental illness like schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and major depression can require intense care management and advocacy.

Just as a refresher, the duties of a mental health care manager include

  • Acting as a connector between the individual and the community resources
  • Advocating on behalf of the individual so that he or she gain access to needed quality services
  • Overseeing the care of an individual including medication management, doctors’ appointments,

3 Healthcare Marketing Secrets You Never Knew

Marketing a healthcare business is tough! the Healthcare Industry is a unique field because while you deal with the very sensitive nature of your patients’ treatment, which often frighten you, make you vulnerable or confuse you, you also work in a very scientific and avant-garde industry where treatments, tools and systems in constant evolution. Today, healthcare providers are rarely caught up in the new health marketing strategy and sales processes or respond to technological advances.

The healthcare marketing landscape has shifted dramatically the past decade with the increase of technology tools, social media, and digital devices. A recent article for Socialnomics quotes Tricia Wilkerson, Senior Marketing Specialist at Conifer Health Solutions, on the state of B2B Marketing in the Healthcare industry: “Healthcare is notoriously behind other industries when responding to technological advances and audience expectations, so it remains important that marketers push the industry with smart trend adoption.”

Here are some important stats to consider as you begin planning out your marketing strategy:

  • As of 2016, there were more than 326 million people in the U.S. Each one of them with their own personality and each one of them a potential patient.
  • 52% of smartphone users

Retail Healthcare Services

Healthcare retail aims at offering items like gifts or other stuffs to make them feel better, both mentally and physically. This has brought forward a positive change in the healthcare field. Today the concentration doesn’t only remain in treating the patients with medicines only. When a patient is receiving some treatment or is healing form an injury, he is down emotionally and mentally too. Retail healthcare works towards healing the emotional wounds too along with the physical ones.

The facilities may include easy cash carry, flowers and small gift items for kids and adults, also treatments for ailments. Being in a bad health can be very stressful, this helps them to feel that they are being properly cared for and there are people around apart from family to care for them and support them.

The idea of retail healthcare has gained success and its popularity is on a rise. It offers a lot of convenience as it help the consumers get what they want and whenever they want it. The essence of these services lies in the fact that they are consumer centric. These services have helped people to get quality services at affordable prices. The

Stories of Hope: Little Sister’s Stem Cells Offer Hope

The medical world is buzzing with success stories of how cord blood stem cells have been used to heal a cluster of ailments, from leukaemia to Type 1 and 2 diabetes and many more. This is has made parents-to be consider cord blood banking when their baby is born. The objective is simple! In a world where ailments can strike at any given point of time, if the availability of blood from umbilical cord can help in a miracle cure, then it’s always better to opt in for it.

However, since the internet is also packed with conflicting and dual views about whether or not to opt in for cord blood stem cell transplant, people need assuring stories to get their required dose of encouragement. Here are two miraculous accounts how cord blood transplant from siblings have been able to save lives.

First Success Story

Sun Lexuan, is a five old from China who was chronically unwell with aplastic anaemia. It was when her parents decided to have their second baby, Sun Yiwei, then the infant’s stem cells were going to be used for Sun Lexuan. Aplastic anaemia is an uncommon disease, that makes

Understanding At Home Healthcare Services

At home healthcare provides patients with the best possible care in the comfort of their own homes. In home care includes a wide range of services such as skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, home health aide, and nutrition therapy.

Skilled Nursing

This is a service delivered by a licensed registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse that has training and experience in home healthcare. Skilled nursing services may include evaluation of your senior needs, education of patient, caregivers, and family members on disease processes, self-care techniques, prevention strategies, and coordinating and arranging the patient care and services with your doctor and other members of the health care team.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services are provided for various medical conditions such as loss of muscle strength or muscle tone, loss of range of motion in the joints, fractured bones and joint replacements, neuropathies, strokes, and spinal cord injuries. Any of these conditions can cause problems in getting around or getting in and out of a chair or bed. A physical therapist can help by evaluating your senior’s ability to perform activities of daily living as well as his range of general mobility,