What Are The Signs Of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome?

This condition is known by many different names, which contribute to some of the confusion that this illness causes when you try to learn more about it.

CFS is how it is most commonly referred to, which is short for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as being known by the names of M.E. and Post-Viral Fatigue syndrome.

Since there is still no official test for Chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, your medical practitioner will first have to rule out the many other conditions that can cause similar symptoms, like anemia, before they can diagnose you with CFS

The signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome vary from person to person, which makes it a bit more difficult to diagnose, even though most doctors are now better educated about and aware of the condition than in the past.

Most people who experience the most common symptom of fatigue initially put it down to just “being run down” or having a dose of the flu, as the symptoms are similar to both.

But what is distinct with CFIDS is that this is not just a case of being tired from a bout of insomnia, or just feeling sleepy. Instead this is a total lack of energy, which can go on for years, chronically feeling totally wiped out like when you are bedridden with a bad case of influenza, every day you wake up to start the day.

Most doctors will require this state of fatigue to have been ongoing for at least 6 months duration before it is counted as a true symptom.

Another symptom is the after effect that you experience when you have pushed yourself too far physically, doing more than your body could handle.

This is common for people with CFS to experience, because as soon as you have a ‘good day’ of reduced fatigue there is a tendency to rush about and try to catch up on all the chores and tasks that have been left undone.

While you may feel able to cope at the time of the activity, once you are done the effect of overexertion hits and you experience old fashioned malaise, where you simply can’t get out of bed or take any of the actions most people take for granted every day.

The next most debilitating symptom of CFIDS is a state of mental confusion and lack of ability to focus on anything for very long, often referred to as “brain fog” by people who experience it.

This is the symptom that affects people even when they are not in physically demanding jobs, if their work requires concentration for long periods and needs them to stay focused on multiple tasks at one time, they will often find themselves unable to keep their jobs for long.

There are other less obvious or signs and symptoms of CFIDS which include:

  • Experiencing sleep disorders, maybe sleeping less because of disruptions, or sleeping more because you cannot get out of bed with any energy.
  • Muscles can ache and your joints can become painful, for no reason, even without extra exertion to cause it
  • You may begin to experience headaches unlike ones you have experienced before.
  • Increased sensitivity to stimulants like light, noise or smells, that never used to cause you discomfort.
  • It is very common that you begin to develop a sore throat, even a dry cough at times, and swellings/sensitivity in your lymph nodes.
  • More than usual Depression and increased stress can be experienced, but is often a side effect of your exhaustion.
  • You may experience heightened anxiety levels, and fears about your ability to recover from this state of malaise.

These most common symptoms and signs of chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome may however also be an indication of other diseases, so you cannot self-diagnose yourself with CFS.

Only your doctor or specialist in the CFIDS field can conduct the tests to eliminate other diseases (some of which could be life threatening) so that you have a clear diagnosis to being treatment from.

The good news is that more and more medical practitioners are now better informed about this illness and more likely to correctly identify the condition than they were even 10 years ago.

Why Online Doctor Consultation Is the New ‘In’ Thing in Healthcare

The human body with all its capabilities, is a fragile thing. It is prone to diseases and the ravages of time. Man had to start experimenting with ways to beat back these factors and hence, medicine started evolving with the first stones of civilization.

History has revealed records of medical illnesses and ways to treat them, which dates back to thousands of years ago. With the passage of time, medicinal advance has grown in leaps and bounds. Medicine was treated as an art in the early ages and was heavily tinged with shades of religion and philosophy in certain cultures. Medicine men were considered as spiritual healers who would chant prayers while applying concoctions of herbs on patients to rid them of maladies. Roman and Greek physicians came up with a meticulous system of treatment according to four bodily fluids known as humors. The excess or deficiency of humors would bring with it diseases. In India, Ayurveda was used to treat people as far back as 1500 BC with in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy as well as surgical procedures.

In modern times, medicine is still considered an art, such as the skill required in complex procedures which can only come with practice. However, today medicine walks hand in glove with science instead of religion. Once man had technology in his grasp, medicine has grown exponentially. There’s no need to cut a body open to examine its insides, we have machines for scans which reveal the innermost workings of the human body, which was earlier shrouded in mystery. Machines perform complex operations with exact measurements in tiny spaces on delicate tissues in the body. We’re still developing systems to save lives and keep diseases at bay with more convenience and it has brought us today to the future of online doctor consultation.

Online doctor consultation can have profound effects on the medical landscape. Will it be possible to receive a diagnosis without physically consulting a doctor using online reports? Will healthcare lose its personal touch as gadgets step in instead of caring hands? Is online doctor consultation the revolutionary healthcare method we need, to go with our fast paced lifestyles?

How’s it going to help you? Here are some pros and cons you can mentally weigh before you go in for tete-a-tete with a doctor online.


For those who need a second opinion or a follow-up consultation with a doctor, it isn’t economically viable to go in for a visit and pay the full amount. Since time slots and its corresponding fees are fixed, they normally tend to be lower than the fees of a walk-in appointment. Follow up queries are easily solvable over text.

Medical help is expensive and without medical insurance, people have to bear the full brunt of long bills. Online doctor consultation is a cheaper alternative for those without medical insurance to get the help they need.

No location or time restrictions

Need to get that mysterious back pain checked out but your 9 to 7 job won’t allow it? Simply pick up your phone and ask for a doctor. You can text your concerns to your doctor in the comfort of your home, in your car or even at your desk in office.

Most jobs don’t allow for a lot of time on hand. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a two day weekend, you’ll find that a lot of doctors aren’t available on weekends. With online consultations you can talk to a doctor around the clock whenever you can spare a few minutes.

Even if we do manage to get ourselves to a clinic, we’re always scared we’ll end up catching an infection from that sniffling guy sneezing violently beside us. Straining to not breathe in any germs and all that nerve-wracking waiting actually adds to mental stress which may aggravate any illness we might have. It definitely helps to sit in the comfort of your home and calmly put forward any concerns you may have.

Breaching distances

The distance from your home to a healthcare center is often one of the biggest challenges that you have to face. Some are ill equipped to travel long distances to a healthcare center, some have homes removed from any healthcare providers in the vicinity but might need urgent answers to problems they are experiencing. If you’re lucky enough to own a car you have to account for the expenditure on petrol, waiting in mind-numbing traffic and stressing about getting a parking spot. For those who don’t own a car, waiting for public transport is another issue they need to deal with before they can get the care they need.

Online medical consultation can give you answers to health questions even as you sit on your couch in your pajamas. Responses are almost instant which are good for those who need urgent answers. Rural areas where medical resources are scarce will especially benefit from online consultation. Those in rural areas in developing countries have to travel to cities to get adequate healthcare. Online consultation will prove helpful in such cases, as they can receive advice from specialists as well.

Avoiding Self-Diagnosis

The first thing we do when we start sporting a mysterious pain in our bodies is googling the symptoms. Like many before us, the results most often than not come up all boding fatal diseases which freak us out. With countless health tips and articles online, people end up following things they’ve read off the net which more often than not are written by people with no expertise. This can prove dangerous as self-medication can go horribly wrong. Online doctor consultation enables us to put forth these queries to verified medical experts who can give you prudent advice on what to do and what not to do.

Using e-prescriptions

Nowadays doctors can send e-prescriptions to pharmacies and you can go directly to the pharmacy to pick up your medicines. This is especially useful for people who are on treatment plans which need refills every now and then. Your doctor can send a prescription remotely without you having to physically go and pick up a prescription for refills. This makes life easier for those who are on asthma medication or need birth control pills.

The system of e-prescriptions encourages interactions between pharmacists and doctors. With physical prescriptions, doctors are usually unaware about whether their patients are getting the prescribed medicines or store-recommended alternatives in case the prescribed medicines are unavailable. The alternatives might not suit a patient. In many cases, doctors using the e-prescription system can see whether the patient can afford the prescribed medicines or suggest cheaper alternatives.

Security and privacy

A lot of people with problems they deem embarrassing hesitate in going to medical practitioners and getting the help they need. In such cases, they can be guided through online consultation. They can avoid a face to face conversation and open up about their problems to doctors, knowing that their privacy is intact.

A common question which arises frequently with regards to online consultation is whether confidential information of both doctors and patients is safe. Most online services comply with HIPAA or Health Accountability and Portability Act which ensures that health information is protected in terms of privacy and security, digital or otherwise. Most countries have health laws in place which safeguard the privacy of health information provided to medical practitioners. Other than that, healthtech platforms normally have security systems and servers to make sure that your information is not preyed upon.

Knowing your body better

In some cases a doctor might ask you to examine your body symptoms to afford more clarity as to what the problem might be. As such, you will learn how to probe that suspicious looking lump or examine your swollen sinuses. You’ll be able to assess better as to what kind of help you need in case such problems crop up again. Though it’s always better to have a doctor examine you personally; in the absence of such means you’ll be able to have access to some guidance with regards to worrying symptoms.

While it’s definitely recommended that any medical issues be checked out personally by doctors as that will yield a more accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Minor issues can be a warning sign for something serious which need careful, physical examination. However, for health issues that are not very urgent, online doctor consultation can cut out many hassles involved in getting adequate care. Most of the doctors online are verified experts who have their practice offline but also operate online.

3 Qualities to Consider When Seeking Quality General and Family Dentistry

Retaining perfect oral health for your family is very important. Regular flossing and brushing of teeth are never enough to guarantee healthy teeth. The dental experts admonish their patients to go for checkups every time. Checkups from dental specialists are highly advantageous. During checkups, the dentists can detect any growing oral infection. Immediately, they will treat the condition and stop it from spreading. That is why individuals that go for regular checkups never have chronic oral diseases. The dental specialists offer tooth cleaning, filling, and tooth restoration services. The service they deliver depends on the situation facing their clients. Every household needs a family dentist. Every member of the household will receive checkups and treatment from the same dentist. That is a suitable way for ensuring every individual receives quality dental care. The visits should start early enough for the children. While growing, their teeth will be properly aligned. When seeking an expert for general dentistry, consider the following qualities.


Experience boosts the competence of the dental specialists. Experienced dental specialists are the best choice. For many years, they have treated several chronic dental diseases. They know the best medication for each dental problem. Trusting the inexperienced dentists is difficult. First, it is hard to get reviews about their services. That is because they have treated few patients. Due to their inexperience, some specialists lack confidence in their skills. That is common, especially when handling complex oral infections. Contracting an experienced professional as a family dentist is prudent. It guarantees remarkable dental care and treatment.


The dentists are required to undergo training in an accredited dental school. That is mandatory for the specialists to receive licenses. Apart from the basic training, there are programs that offer more training for dentists. A dental specialist that commits to learning will go for such programs. They will acquire more skills on how to handle unique dental techniques. Due to these programs, the dentist will become more competent. Hence, check the level of education attained by the dental expert. The finest professional will have a very high qualification. The expert would have taken part in various training programs. Ask for their credentials to prove their qualification.


The atmosphere of the office is vital. It must influence your decisions when picking dental specialists. The staff of the dentists is responsible for creating the atmosphere. They should be friendly and approachable to clients. Keep in mind that your children will obtain treatment in that same office. Avoid an office that lacks a comfortable atmosphere. There is a higher probability you will not enjoy the dental services they provide. Demand for better customer care services because you are paying for it.

Teeth Brushing Not Once, But Twice

Brushing is usually done once a day in the morning before breakfast, but one should also develop and maintain the habit of brushing before going to the bed at night. Brushing not only helps us in keeping our teeth clean and odorless but also makes us feel fresh. As individuals we need to be presentable everywhere we go and our smile play an important role in this. Teeth easily become visible when a person smiles and a good smile needs clean white teeth which provide a naturally presentable look to our face. Teeth play a more important role in our daily nutrition by chewing the food that we eat. Teeth also help in the process of our metabolism by breaking down our food during the process of ingestion. Thus it becomes quite important for us to maintain the good habit of brushing every day and possibly twice a day.

We might think of brushing twice as a simple task but in reality, most of us become lazy after a heavy dinner. The entire day’s work makes us feel tired, leading to a lack of energy and enthusiasm for brushing our teeth. This we might feel like skipping brushing of teeth for that particular day, but as time passes on, we end up brushing twice a day for just 2-3 days in a week. Here some of us may say that our mouth smells bad and needs cleaning mainly in the morning. This is true to some extent, but the smell is due to the improper cleaning done at night. Food particles remain stuck in between our teeth throughout the day’s eating and thus need to be removed by brushing at night before going to the bed. Brushing of teeth is not taken seriously by everyone around us. Many people remain casual about brushing and maintaining their oral hygiene, thus leading to poor consequences such as bad breath, yellowing of teeth, cavities, gum disease and eventually loss of teeth.

The ill effects actually start due to accumulation of plaque or a film or layer of bacteria that grows on surfaces within the mouth. These bacteria depend on simple sugars in our food such as sucrose for their energy needs and grow when left undisturbed (due to irregular and improper brushing). Plaque deposit is initially colorless and odorless but later on it becomes brown or pale yellow and start to have a foul smell. It is usually seen between the teeth, on the front of teeth, behind teeth or along the gum line. Plaque is the main cause of tooth decay and gum diseases. Different people experience different symptoms depending on their oral conditions. Common symptoms include toothache, bad breath, difficulty in eating; whereas in extreme cases there can bleeding gums, inflammation around the tooth, infection or abscess formation and tooth loss. We must not ignore the fact that even the initial symptoms like bad breath and pain can cause a lot of anxiety and distress in individuals.

We saw a few issues which can come up due to ignorance of our oral hygiene, but here we are again with our topic Teeth Brushing! Regular brushing can easily remove food particles stuck on tooth surface and prevent plaque formation. Thus, if we knowingly and willingly give time to the simple task of brushing our teeth twice per day, we can actually avoid all the above dental problems in the simplest of way possible. “Prevention is always better than cure”. We need to understand the importance of our teeth and take their best possible care.

Why Cavities in Children Are a Big Deal

When it comes to caring for your child, you probably focus on their overall health, their safety, their well-being and improving their intellect and social skills. How much thought do you put into their oral health? It’s okay if you reluctantly said, “not much.” If you did, you’re not alone. Many parents, especially those with babies and toddlers don’t think twice about the gum and soon-to-be teeth health of their new little bundles of joy.

Being a new parent is challenging and it is understandable that your little one’s oral health isn’t a priority. After all, how could you think about scheduling your baby’s first dental appointment when he or she doesn’t have any teeth in yet?

Unless you’re a dental professional, you likely don’t have an accurate view of a child’s teeth development. You may know that at some point your child will grow all his or her baby teeth and at some point, all those teeth will fall out and be replaced with permanent teeth. Knowing this, you may think it is okay if your child gets a cavity or two on their baby teeth. After all, the teeth will fall out anyway. Your child will have well-established oral hygiene routines down by the time the adult, permanent teeth come in.

Children’s cavities though, are things to take seriously. Pediatric tooth decay can lead to additional dental health issues in the future, lower a child’s quality of life and self-confidence and even potential serious overall health problems and death from infections. The most common complications from childhood cavities and therefore, reasons why parents should take their child’s cavities seriously include:

Tooth Decay of Permanent Teeth

Tooth decay of the baby teeth doesn’t always stay isolated in those teeth. If left untreated, the cavity can grow into the root of teeth and infiltrate the permanent teeth coming in underneath.

Abnormal Growth of Permanent Teeth

Permanent teeth that inherit the decay of the corresponding baby teeth may grow in crooked or misshapen. When this occurs, there is an increased risk of further, additional tooth decay and gum disease, and a misaligned bite that can lead to a low self-consciousness and self-esteem. It is likely potentially expensive, long-term orthodontic work will be needed.

Death or Serious Infection

Untreated cavities can lead to abscessed teeth. These teeth are very painful and are often surrounded by germ filled pus. When an abscessed tooth is not dealt with right away, the germs and bacteria from the infection and pus can get into the bloodstream, causing life-threatening health conditions.

Difficulty Eating and Speaking Clearly

Besides causing a misaligned bite, cavities can make a child’s teeth hurt and be uncomfortable. Both the immediate and future misalignment of teeth and bite can make it more difficult and painful for a child to bite, chew, breath and speak properly.

Potentially Serious Heath Concerns Later in Life

One’s oral health has been linked to one’s overall health. Cavities, while likely less of a health threat to children can lead to serious health conditions when they become adults. Heart disease and infections of the heart have been linked to cavities.

Cavities, like other dental health issues are best treated when caught early. In fact, prevention is the best course of action. Avoiding cavities altogether is the best and cheapest route.

To prevent cavities, or to slow the progress and reverse the damage of cavities, it is important to make your child’s oral health a priority. Parents can help their children avoid cavities by scheduling their first dental appointment by the age of one, instill proper, regular at-home oral hygiene habits, watch their child’s diet, encourage their children to drink plenty of water and have regular dental appointments scheduled every six months.

Uses and Benefits of Lemon

Lemon, a citrus fruit when tasted brings a sour expression on your face. Though not consumed separately, the taste of lemon is unique from others. It has many kinds as well – Bonnie Brae, goes in San Diego, USA, Eureka, a common all place lemon, also called Four season because it has the capability to produce fruit and flowers together all year long, Femminello St. Teresa, that is found in Italy, Yen Ben, resident of Australia. Did you know that lemon is a native of Asia. Lemon though comes into the category of fruit, but is a part of every recipe. Be it fruits or salads or chicken or vegetables or fish, lemon could be added in almost everything and bring out a better taste of it. Name one dish whose taste will not be improved after the addition of lemon in it (with tea as an exception). Lemon is an absolute all-rounder with endless benefits. Apart from its culinary qualities lemon can be used in a lot of things.

  • Lemon is basically the home of Vitamin C. C is the vitamin that your body requires most. It helps in maintaining the functions of the body and regulates immune system. Lemon also produces juices that are needed in digestion.
  • As it also purifies your blood lemon can be used during cholera and malaria as treatment.
  • Lemon Juice is also highly recommended by doctors. After a session of workout, drinking lemon water can replenish body salt. It also has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Lemon juice has also been proved effective in weight loss. Mix lemon juice and honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it every day you will soon notice a loss in your weight.
  • You can use lemon as a preservative for many things like apples, avocado, banana where the acid in the lemon can prevent them from changing color or turning stale. Just apply lemon juice on the sliced parts.
  • If your rice becomes sticky then just add lemon juice and separate them and make them fresh again. Lemon juice also helps maintaining pH levels in your body.
  • Lemon zest is also very good for the skin. It lightens skin tones, eliminates scars and pores.
  • Not only lemon zest, but the leaves of the lemon plant are also very useful. You can use lemon leaves in tea, fishes and other seafood, chicken.
  • You can use lemon oil for aromatherapy, it will soothe your body and provides relaxation.
  • Apart from aromatherapy, lemon can be also used to relax your feet. In a bucket take warm water and squeeze lemon into it. You can also add baking soda if you want. Soak your feet in it for 10 to 15 mins. You will feel relaxed and your feet will be softened.
  • By applying coconut oil mixed with lemon juice you can get rid of dandruff.
  • The amount of citric acid present in lemon is more than other fruits like grapefruit and orange. Lemon contains two times more citric acid than grapefruit and five times more than orange juice.

Lemon is an essential ingredient of almost all recipes. Visit our site to have a look at some tasty and healthy recipes which would satisfy your tastebuds.

Medical and Healthcare Answering Service

Making a call to a healthcare answering service helps you in locating the most appropriate specialist at the earliest and this will assure the fastest treatment for any ailment that befalls you. Remember that some medical situations call for immediate attention from a reputed surgeon or physician. Any delay could be the cause of intense distress or even may lead to a life threatening condition. Therefore it is imperative that everyone keeps a tab on the nearest answering service that deals with bringing you in contact with medical personnel. There are thousands of such centers spread all over the nation and in almost every nook and corner of the American cities including the State of Florida.

The purpose of an answering organization is to ensure that you reach the right service with minimum loss of time for availing whatever facility you desire. One can always look up any service including medical category on Internet or the telephone guides, however it is sometimes tiresome to browse through hundreds of pages and locate the right service. This is where the answering call centers come into play who manages to keep a vast database of diverse services for various accounts. The need of database is very necessary for a place or state that attracts not only business contacts but also is one of the most important tourist locations in the US. The medical answering service in particular is highly specialized and staffed by experienced paramedical or medical counselors who believe in serving the populace to alleviate all distress related to sickness and emergency situations.

Healthcare is an important socially oriented though commercial business and those planning to join this extremely noble cause must be inclined to be friendly, compassionate and well spoken. The people involved in this service should also be knowledgeable of the available medical facilities in the cities and locales so as to advise the patient of the easiest course of action in case of need. If you browse through the websites of a few answering services in the medical field you will find that they have a large database of specialists, hospitals, paramedics and medical stores for you to easily make a choice of the best that suit your needs.