Do You Know the Reasons for Using CT Scans in Dentistry?

Diagnosing dental infections is not an easy task. The normal eye cannot identify some of the oral infections easily. The dentists must rely on special equipment to diagnose them. The use of X-Ray imaging has improved dental diagnosis and treatment. However, the X-Ray images are insufficient. They do not give a full view of all areas within the mouth. That resulted in the growth of cavities and dental infections in hidden areas. To solve the insufficiencies of the X-Ray, the dental CT scans were adopted by the dentists.

The CT scans provide a clear view of the teeth, soft tissues, jawbone and nerve pathway in 3D. All this is captured in a single scan. The imaging process is very simple. The CT scan equipment produces a cone shape X-Ray light. The beam rotates around the head of the patient. That enables it to produce 200 2-dimensional images. The images will be taken to specialized computer software. The software converts the 2-dimensional images to 3-dimensional images. The 3D images provide a better view of the teeth, gums and other mouthparts. Thus, diagnosing oral infections will become easier. The imaging scan is useful in the diagnosis and treatment of the following complex conditions:

  • Dental implant placement
  • Reconstructive surgery planning
  • Examining the jaw, nerves, nasal cavity and sinus cavity
  • Surgical plans for impacted teeth
  • Diagnosis of oral disorders and TMJ

Most dentists have adopted the use of CT scans. However, they are not encouraged to use it for every patient. That is because exposure to radiation is not safe. Listed below are reasons why the dental CT scan is gaining popularity.

Accurate diagnosis

The dentists need an accurate diagnosis of the oral conditions of their patients. That would determine how they will fight the infection. Apparently, diagnosis precedes treatment. Inaccurate diagnosis will lead to incorrect treatment. The diagnosis process will be inaccurate if a proper oral examination is not done. The CT scans reveal every part of the mouth. Nothing can be hidden from the scan. Due to its accuracy in diagnosis, the scan will enable the dentists to provide the right treatment. That will completely destroy any kind of oral infection. The patients will benefit from it. After the treatment, they will enjoy good oral health.

Quick dental procedures

The CT scan helps to speed up the diagnosis and treatment of oral infections. The imaging machine takes a very short time to capture the images. Due to the clarity of its images, dentists can detect oral infections much faster. That enables the patients to receive treatment faster. The dentists, on the other hand, are able to serve more clients. That will aid in boosting their revenues and profits.