Mom! Do I Have To Eat That?

Vitamins and Minerals

You know, I may be barking up the wrong tree but if you are a type B personality (more on that later) then chances are you need to take the vitamins and minerals given to you. But will you take them? Probably sporadically at best! That’s just your nature. You’re so calmed, cool and relaxed that nothing seems to stress you out. You’re also probably one of the more well liked people out there.

These are the building blocks for any man or woman. As such, they need to get re-balanced. Type B people need this re-balancing more than type A people.

To determine if you are a type A or B answer the following question: If you had three things to do, all at the same time, all the same priority, would you do one to completion, do the second to completion and do the third to completion or would you start one, think about the other one, start one and two together and then think about the third one as well, and go ahead and start all three at once? If you answered option one where you do one at a time then you’re most likely a type B personality. While type B people are great at handling stress they don’t absorb vitamins and minerals very well. For this reason, they must be re-balanced from them. Type A people, however, are vastly different from type B people. Type A’s absorb the vitamins and minerals like no other but they don’t handle stress, worry or concern very well.

While type A people could use a re-balancing of the substances as well, they don’t lack them like the type B people do. But, ironically, it is the type A people who will come to me first whereas the type B people are so cool and relaxed that they will get to it when they get to it, which may never happen!