Role Of a Good Night’s Sleep in the Life of a Writer

Research shows that every human being be it a new-born, a toddler or an adult needs a specific amount of sleep in order to keep one running and healthy. Though the time may vary for different age groups but it is for sure that sleep is essential for everyone. For children 8-10 hours’ sleep is considered necessary as to keep them healthy and for adults 6-8 hours’ is recommended. Below I will put some light on the role a night’s sleep plays in the life of a writer. It is not for any specific writer but for every one who writes in any category or field, be it a poet or a journalist, a technical writer or a blogger or anyone who is professionally related to writing somehow.

A writer must not forget that one is judged by the quality of his piece of work and not by the quantity of it he produces in a single day. Therefore to keep up to the mark one’s writings, it should be strictly taken care of that one’s mind is healthy and efficient. A healthy state of mind could be achieved by getting adequate sleep at night. No matter how much work load you have just keep this in mind that not enough sleep or lack of sleep can upset your bodily system which can affect your writings. It has been observed that people who sleep less i.e. for just 2-4 hours at night have attention deficits and are mostly subjected to chronic pains. This is also related with those with insomnia and bad sleeping routines.

Therefore, for a writer it is essential to take at least 6-8 hours’ sleep at night. This will help one in keeping the mind and body healthy and will rejuvenate the immune system (as per research). Sleep is a nature’s gift to our bodily functions as it keeps our mind healthy and efficient. So for writers it becomes also very necessary to take adequate sleep at night so that one’s mind is relaxed and refreshed during the daytime. It will help bring the most out of one’s skills and capabilities. As the world of writing is becoming more demanding with the passage of time and the expectations from the writers are also increasing day by day so it is important for one to keep coming up with the innovative ideas and fresh pieces of work. A good night’s sleep definitely helps the writer by refreshing the mind and thoughts.